In my work I imagine bodies without a defined shape, but in a continuous state of metamorphosis in order to explore the different physiognomies that a body can take on when it is constantly changing and modifying itself. Like cellular units that are continually being broken down and recomposed give shape to different physiognomies, in a constant, living vibration. This vibration and flow is what i look for, in drawing, in printmaking, in the stories i create and in the projects i have collaborated on. the images they produce are the outcome of the processes of the experiments through which i experience the sign. 
I foreground the theme of transformation, which I consider a key and crucial issue today. Our time and the body through which we live it, is a laboratory and a place of experimentation.
Through the free association of forms and through the creation of stories in my drawing I work, in continuous mutation, for the deconstruction of cultural dynamics in crisis today.
Through the visual datum of the free sign I present this type of vibration, in a month, a year, they will be completely different from today.
This is also reflected in the pseudonym I use: Inmotulus, reworked from the Latin In motu: movement.

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