These are the projects I have realised over time or taken part in
a little story about me
Crack Festival, Rome - 2024 edition
My DRAWING published on scomodo MAGAZINE issue, la notte, realised in collaboration with ariete and bombadischi
an illustration realised in collaboration with lostkidnoreward was published on Sieropositivo 5 suppergiù magazine issue.
RATATà Festival, JESI, WITH BYUNKNOW AND SER - 2024 edition
tenderete Festival, València - 2024 edition
poster produced to support the Palestinian cause
poster series produced for ek dam, the second volume, meetings on music improvisation and electroacoustic research
My DRAWING published on Sieropositivo 4 SUPPERGIù MAGAZINE issue
BADA Festival, ROME - 2023 edition
P.C.B. Festival, BRESCIA - 2023 edition
Crack Festival, Rome - 2023 edition
Photo by Ali Beşikçi
Artepassante - Porta Garibaldi, Milan - 2023 edition
Artepassante - Porta Venezia, Milan - 2022 edition
Cheap Festival, Bologna - 2022 edition

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